Friday, 7th of June: the annual KinderBeestFeest!

On Friday, June 7, 2024, it’s time for the annual KinderBeestFeest!

Do you see police, ambulance, and fire brigade in a long procession?
They’re all okay, but please give them way!

The KinderBeestFeest is a unique celebration for children with disabilities or special needs. Together with their parents and siblings they are invited for an exclusive evening opening at ARTIS, the Amsterdam Zoo.

Nothing to worry about
Our guests are picked up at a designated meeting point. From there, they will travel to ARTIS in emergency vehicles from the fire department, ambulance service, and police, ll with flashing lights and sirens. At the Marineterrein, there is a meeting point from where participating boats will sail to ARTIS. This journey makes the evening extra special!

If you see or hear the decorated emergency vehicles on the afternoon of Friday, 7th of June, do not be alarmed or call the emergency services. The motto of the KinderBeestFeest is: ‘They’re all okay, but please give them way’. 🙂

Additional traffic measures
To ensure everything runs smoothly, traffic measures will be in place in the Plantagebuurt on that day, such as a parking ban, road closures, and tram diversions. To prepare and know exactly what these measures are, please visit

Time schedule
The first guests will arrive at ARTIS around 5:00 PM. The organisation will do everything possible to minimise (noise) disturbance. In the area around ARTIS, there will be a siren ban to minimise noise disturbance for the animals in ARTIS and local residents. The vehicles will start departing from 9:00 PM and everything will be wrapped up around 11:00 PM.

We understand that all of this may temporarily inconvenience our neighbours. As an organisation, we are doing everything we can to limit this. We thank you for your understanding and – on behalf of our special guests – for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact the organisation.